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Pet Portraits


Pets are a huge part of our lives so what better way to celebrate the special animal in your life than having a portrait of them. A pet portrait can capture an animal's character forever, more than just one of those numerous photographs. My aim is always to produce a portrait which captures the traits, personality and characteristics of your pet, a touching tribute to a much loved member of the family or a gorgeous gift and keepsake for pet owners. 

I think it is vital to try to bring out the character of the animal in the painting or drawing. Every animal owner knows that their animals have very distinct personalities so as a pet owner myself I endeavour to achieve this.

To see pictures and examples of pet portraits go to the image gallery

I use a combination of watercolour and soft pastel to create the portraits; with the use of photographs I can create single, double portraits or full body in a range of sizes, suited to your specific pet, selected image or price range. (From £35)
All that is required from you are suitable photos, the more pictures the better detail and closer characteristics can be obtained. Preferred images are those which are close up, capture any distinguishing markings and those that are clear and in focus, I can remove elements such as collars. All can be emailed or sent to me and we can discuss which pose or look to go for.

Let me know what size you are thinking and discuss your ideas and I can give you a price for your portrait. I do not take any initial payment before the portrait is complete, upon finishing your picture I will email you a photo for you to look at and ok, if everything is greatly received, your portrait will be sent on the final payment or on collection.

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